Airport bird control system in Bangladesh

Bird pauses dramatically a huge danger to flying security and are liable for various airplane mishaps around the world. Bangladesh is a country with a tremendous avian populace, and the gamble of bird strikes is high. Therefore, it is fundamental to have an effective airport bird control system to moderate the dangers and guarantee safe air travel.

airport bird control system in Bangladesh
airport bird control system in Bangladesh

Components of the Bird Control System

The bird control system in Bangladesh contains different components, including trained work force, hardware, and strategies. These components cooperate to recognize and relieve bird strikes.

Mitigation Techniques Used in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s bird control system utilizes different techniques to moderate the dangers of bird strikes. A portion of these techniques include natural surroundings the board, bird scaring, and bird trapping. The system additionally accentuates the significance of monitoring and reporting to guarantee continuous improvement.

The Role of Technology in Bird Control System

Technology assumes a significant part in the bird control system in Bangladesh. The system utilizes different innovative apparatuses, like radar systems, acoustic gadgets, and robots, to distinguish and deflect birds from entering the airport region.

Challenges Faced by Bird Control System in Bangladesh

The bird control system in Bangladesh faces different challenges, including an absence of funding, infrastructure, and qualified staff. Also, the system’s prosperity vigorously depends on the participation of the airport specialists, airlines, and travelers.