Airport high mast led flood light in Bangladesh

Airport high mast led flood light are a fundamental part of airport infrastructure, ensuring perceivability and security for pilots and travelers during departure, landing, and taxiing. In the event that you are looking for a solid high mast light provider in Bangladesh, you have come to the perfect locations. We are a leading high mast light provider with a demonstrated history of delivering high-quality and solid lighting solutions to airports across in Bangladesh.

High mast light solutions Bangladesh airports.
High mast light solutions Bangladesh airports.

Why Choose Our High Mast Lights?

Our high mast lights are planned and made to satisfy the highest industry guidelines. We comprehend that airport lighting is a basic part of flight security, and we treat our obligation in a serious way. That is why we just utilize the best materials and advancements to make our high mast lights.

Our lights are solid and can endure brutal atmospheric conditions, including high winds and weighty rain. We utilize high-quality LED lights that are energy-effective and dependable, and that implies that you can get a good deal on energy bills and maintenance costs in the long run. Our lights are additionally simple to install and maintain, ensuring that you get the best incentive for your investment.

Our High Mast Light in Bangladesh

We offer an extensive variety of high mast light solutions to meet the particular necessities of various airports. Our lighting solutions are intended to give greatest perceivability and security to pilots and travelers while minimizing light contamination and energy utilization.

High mast light solutions include:
  1. LED High Mast Lights: Our LED high mast lights are intended to give brilliant and uniform illumination to airport runways, runways, and covers. Our lights utilize the most recent LED innovation, which guarantees high energy proficiency and enduring execution.
  2. Sun powered High Mast Lights: Our sun based high mast lights are an eco-accommodating and savvy lighting answer for airports that are situated in remote or off-matrix regions. These lights utilize sunlight based chargers to produce power, and that implies that you don’t need to depend on the matrix for power.
  3. Pneumatic High Mast Lights: Our pneumatic high mast lights are intended to be effectively raised and brought down, making them ideal for brief lighting solutions for airport building locales, crisis circumstances, and other momentary applications.
  4. Halogen High Mast Lights: Our halogen high mast lights are a solid and practical lighting answer for little to medium-sized airports. These lights give brilliant and uniform illumination and are not difficult to install and maintain.
20m 25m 30m Auto Lifting Airport LED High Mast Lighting system supplier company in Bangladesh
20m 25m 30m Auto Lifting Airport LED High Mast Lighting system supplier company in Bangladesh
Details Product SpecificationPrice
20M LED Mast Lighting System: Uni directional 20 Mtr HDG (Hot Deep Galvanized) High Mast Raising & Lowering System suitable to carry 10-20 nos LED Floodlights.
➢ Top Cover.
➢ Aluminum Spun Top Canopy.
➢ Lighting Rod.
➢ Pulley Guard.
➢ pulley.
➢ Socket Head Screw M8
➢ Ear thing Cable.
➢ Head Frame Assembly.
➢ Sleve Pipe. ➢ Hoist and multy core supply Cable.
➢ Wire Rope (Stainless Steel).
➢ Wire and Cable Clamp.
➢ Centralizing Arm.
➢ Terminal Box.
➢ Latching Device (3 Nos Spring Loaded).
➢ Supporting Ring.
➢ Compensating Pulley. ➢ Flat Bar for Limit Switch.
➢ Distribution Box.
➢ Distribution Box Mounting.
➢ Door Cover.
➢ Base Plate.
➢ Lantern Spigot.
➢ Lantern Carrige.
➢ Wind Speed : Ultimate Limit State= 200 km/h Serviceability Limit State= 133.3 km/h
➢ Materials : Shaft : EN 10027- 1 S 355Jo or Equl. Pipe : STK 400 To JIS G3444 or Equl. Others : SS400 to JIS Gs101. Hardware : Stainless Steel to AISI GR. 304.
➢ Finishing : Hot Dip Galvanized to BS EN ISO1461. ➢ Welding : ACC TO AWS D1.1
➢ Bolt Size Torque (Kgm) M10

Power tools Specification

Motor : 220-230v, single phase AC, 50Hz, Input power: 1050 watt, On/Off switch, Lock-On button, Forward/Reverse Switch, Two Gear selector, Carrying, Handle, Drift wedge Holder, Conrol side handle (Additional ON/OFF switch), Tool Holder, Gear Housing, Breast plate, Carbon brush access cover, No Load speed: 1st gear (Per min 280/2nd gear per min 560), Max. drilling (Diameter in steel 23 mm), Max. sound Level not more than 85 dB (A), Compliance with EEC, EN incorporated to allow the power tool to be operated from a distance of 5 meters & torque limiter.” 20 meter high mast Raising & Lowering System.
3500000.00 BDT
(35/ thirty five Lakh)
1 Set
F-22 Obstruction Light :
➢ Polymide Injection modulding.
➢ M 21 Thread hole.
➢ Die Cast Aluminum Mounting.
➢ Corrosion Resistance.
➢ Electronic Control Device.
➢ Circuit Connector.
➢ Cable Gland.”
“➢ Red Glass with Fresnel Prisms.
➢ Edison Screw E-27 Porcelain Lamp Holder.
➢ Incandescent Signal Lamp (Long Life).
➢ 55W 230V/50 Hz.
➢ Continuous without pulse Operation.
➢ Ingress Protection IP-54.
➢ Yellow Color.
(One Lakh)
1 Set
300 watt LED Flood light fitting of high purity aluminum reflector & heat sink, 5mm high intensity tempered glass cover, single powerful LED high efficiency LED driven necessary wiring with FR cable suitable for 200-300 watt LED Flood light fittings. The LED specification. LED power 200-300 watt operation voltage 220 +-5% 50Hz. Power factor not less than 90% LED cheeps should be of high quality and equivalent to Cree/Edison brand and life at least 50000 hrs.55000.00
(Fifty five thousand)
1 Nos
25m Auto-Lifting Airport LED High Mast Lighting Systems price 45 lakh and 30m Auto-Lifting Airport LED High Mast Lighting Systems price 50 lakh. (Price quotation without installation charge and price will be change if Doller rate high/Low). Country of Origin : China

Conclusion of high mast light

As a leading high mast light provider in Bangladesh, we are focused on providing our clients with the best lighting solutions that meet their particular requirements and spending plan. We have a group of highly skilled and experienced experts who can assist you with designing, install, and maintain your high mast lights to guarantee most extreme perceivability and security for pilots and travelers.